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Kidney Stones? Fibromyalgia? It may be the oxalates!

Oxalates, also known as oxalic acid, are a natural compound found in many plants and also produced as a waste byproduct in the body.

The Problem:

Too much oxalate can lead to: kidney stones, fibromyalgia, anemia, and immunosuppression.

The Cause:

A high oxalate and low calcium diet.

When oxalic acid is consumed without calcium, it is absorbed and enters the bloodstream. If high serum levels are being filtered by the kidney, oxalates may combine with calcium and form insoluble crystals in the kidney. Hello, kidney stones!

The Solution:

When eating high oxalate foods, combine them with calcium. This allows for those insoluble crystals to form in the intestines and be eliminated instead.

The Non-negotiables:

A genetic predisposition to oxalate toxicity (AGXT gene mutation) means it will take fewer consumption of these foods than the average person for stones to form.

The Takeaways:

This is an example of how "good" and "bad" foods are not general and context matters! There will never be a one-size-fits all diet. It's important to understand your body and what it can and cannot do.

This does not mean high oxalate foods must aways be avoided, but knowing you can swap them can be preventive and add more variety to your diet. Win-win!

If you're curious about your genetic predispositions and foods that may benefit you or not, schedule a call!

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